GSA Listed Bird-X Products: Approved for Government Purchases

Bird-X is a GSA-approved source for bird control products & pest animal deterrents. GSA Advantage is a part of the U.S. General Services Administration, providing an efficient purchasing portal for federal agencies to acquire goods & services of the highest quality at the most competitive prices. Bird-X GSA Contract No. GS-21F-062AA

Bird-X meets the 'Small Business' socio-economic requirement for government contracts. The Bird-X GSA Schedule can be found in the Animal Deterrent category of the GSA Advantage website.

Bird-X GSA Advantage

The following Bird-X products are pre-approved & available through GSA Advantage:

GSA bird spikes stainless steel

Stainless Steel Bird Spikes

Plastic Bird Spikes 

GSA bird netting structural

Structural Bird Netting 

Standard Bird Netting


GSA bird proof gel

Bird Proof Gel


GSA irri-tape foil bird tape



GSA BirdXPeller PRO sonic bird repeller

BirdXPeller PRO


GSA Super BirdXPeller PRO

Super BirdXPeller PRO


GSA BroadBand PRO

BroadBand PRO


GSA Mega Blaster

Mega Blaster PRO


GSA Critter Blaster PRO

Critter Blaster PRO


GSA Ultrason X

Ultrason X


GSA GooseBuster



GSA GooseBuster Timer

GooseBuster Timer


GSA QuadBlaster QB4

QuadBlaster QB-4


GSA Super Quadblaster

Super QuadBlaster QB-4


GSA Bird Blazer

Bird BLazer


GSA Nature's Defense All Purpose

Natures Defense
Animal Repellent


GSA Nature's Defense Rodent repellent

Nature's Defense
Mouse & Rat Repellent







Download the Bird-X GSA Capabilities Statement for more information about our products and services.